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Slow Start to the Morning

Title: Slow Start to the Morning
Description: I love these old Thames Barges, they may be flat bottomed but they are so graceful in the water. This one was on a layover at Keyhaven on her way for a refurb further down the coast, so my daughter and I paddle-boarded out to take hundreds of photos. She didn't have a mast or sails so I had to find references for them elsewhere. She also had no bowsprit which I think probably means she was racing since the 1960s when they were deemed unbalancing and unsafe! She was just so beautiful that I had painted her fully refurbished and graceful in the water, so tranquil and gentle. This is an acrylic canvas, painted around the wrap, measuring 30" x 23" which really makes it a really impressive painting on the wall.
Size: 30x23
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Acrylic
Genre: Seascape, Skyscape, Western Art, Others
Colour: Black, blue, pink, white
Keywords: Thames Barge Sunrise sail boat sail ship ship boat sailing traditional ship traditional sailing ship tranquil peaceful
Delivery Details: 17.50 post and packing dispatch within 3 days of order, delivery within 5 working days.
Price: £360.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Maggie Frampton
Phone: 1425277978
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal
Maggie Frampton

Artist Biography:

Living next to the sea and close to the New Forest, I get plenty of chances to paint all my favourites the ocean and woodlands.
I consider myself an illustrator more than an artist, as I love to get in to all those little details that I feel I just hate to leave out. My favorite brush at the moment only has about three hairs left but it's the finest brush I have ever owned and with it I can do such minute little details.
At the same time, I love big canvases to, something with a little more presence to it, statement pieces that make a wall look small!
Oh paintbrushes in hand, the world is my oyster!

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