How to Guides

If you have not already signed up for, you will need to do so. It is a free service. If you click on this link to go to you will be able to register. Once signed up, log in to your account with your username and password....You will then be faced with page one (see below).

On page 1, click on "Add New Project"

page 1

You will then be shown the next on the options as circled in red below and then click on "NEXT":

page 2

On the next page, enter:

1 - The Title....I would suggest "Afordable British Art + yourname" (e.g. Affordable British Art Ros C)

2 - The URL of your own Gallery page (not the site's home page)..e.g.

You can get this by opening up your main gallery page and on the address bar at the top of the page, right click and copy. You can then just paste this into the field marked 2.

Then choose a category (ARTS), and click on NEXT

page 3

You will then see this message:

page 4
click on the blue arrow...

You will then get this page...

Choose the invisible counter, as shown below and then click "NEXT"

page 5

You will then get this page:

Click on the selection circled in red and then on "NEXT"

page 6

You will then get this page:

Choose the default install guide, and then click on "NEXT"

page 7

You will then get the final page:


Right click inside the box, and "select All" ..this will highlight all the code.
Then right click and copy on the highlighted area.

page 8

Open up your gallery admin area and in the Statcounter code box, right click and paste the code into the box.

(Hint: make sure that the Statcounter box is empty first.)

Finally, click on "Update Information" and thats you done.

Thereafter, you can log into your Statcounter page at and view your gallery Statistics.

There are a number of quite detailed reports...including which pages people enter & leave by, which images they've viewed, which keywords they've used to arrive at your gallery/image. This will help you build up a picture over time, of the typical journey of your visitors, and will also help you market your work more effectively by helping you to target your keywords better.

For those of you who have your own websites, you can repeat the process from "Add New Project" to the end, substituting your own gallery's title and URL at the appropriate places.

If you have any questions about Statcounter, please drop us an email.