About Affordable British Art

Who are we?

Affordable British Art is an online Art Gallery which aims to connect Art buyers with artists, allowing the Buyer to purchase unique, affordable Art from established and emerging Artists, commission free. The site is run BY Artists, FOR Artists AND Art lovers. As artists, we have been successfully selling original Art online for the past 5 years and have set up this website in response to requests from Artists. Therefore you can take advantage of our experience.

We are seeking new artists who want to exhibit, sell their work and want to be promoted.

Why us? Well, at Affordable British Art we believe in giving every artist the opportunity to shine. For far too long, the high street galleries were practically the only means of promoting and selling your work….that is, of course, if you could get them to accept your work. Too many professional artists found themselves in a catch 22 situation….to be able to sell their work, they had to have a name, yet to get that name, they had to exhibit their work…..the power lay firmly in the hands of the High Street Gallery owners…..who, of course, took full advantage of their position by imposing hefty commission fees on work they sold. The result being, that the Artist’s often received only a small percentage of the value of the work, while the poor customer inadvertently was paying much higher prices than the artist received.

The advent if the Internet has changed all that. Whereas before, customers were often intimidated by the “snobbishness” “elitism” and extortionate prices of Artworks, we now find ourselves in a much more diverse market. Customers, whether seasoned Art buyers or new collectors just dipping their toes into the waters, now need feel intimidated by snobbish galleries no longer. And because they are buying direct from the Artist, they benefit by not having to pay, in effect, a middleman.

At Affordable British Art, we do not take any commission from your sales…..so you can pass the savings on to your customer.

At Affordable British Art, we give you a chance to show & sell your work to a great number of people. The website has been designed and built with both the Artist AND the customer in mind….and being run by Artists, we understand what makes you tick – and we are here to help.

When you become a member Artist at Affordable British Art and create your online art gallery, you will be well placed to promote and, or, sell your art online. Art lovers browsing for Art for sale will find an easy to use site, logically laid out, with all the information they need to make an informed choice…..all underpinned by the reassurance of secure online payment facilities and a 7-day no-quibble returns policy.