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The Thin Place Beckons

Title: The Thin Place Beckons
Description: The Thin Place Beckons is a very large semi-abstract original oil painting showing deer gathering beyond a lake in a heart shaped forest at twilight. It is 48x48x1.5 inches. It was made with liberal amounts of white, golden yellow, peach and purple paint with cyan blue for accent. The inspiration was the definition of the word ‘thin place’ which is a Celtic expression for a place that stands between two universes. This is an idea I have always loved and the deer appear often in my paintings as in other folklore they are regarded as harbingers or guides between worlds. Because the paint is multilayered and oil colours do change quite dramatically in different light, (something that delighted me when I saw it in this painting), it will go from muted neutral colours to luminous sunset ones at different times of the day. I am satisfied I caught some of the magic I was trying to catch in this painting and hope that whoever buys it will have magic too. Painted on deep edge canvas, wide edges, painted white, ready to hang and comes with a certificate of authenticity.
Size: 48x48
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Oil
Genre: Contemporary, Landscape, Semi-Abstract
Colour: Gold, orange, purple, white
Keywords: The Thin Place, mysterious place, between worlds, lake in forest, lake at twilight, deer in forest, sunset with deer, spiritual abstract, large abstract with deer, deer abstract, forest abstract, very large semi-abstract original oil painting, deer gathering, forest at twilight, between two universes, neutral, luminous sunset, large Gill Bustamante painting, paintings of deer, spiritual abstract art, large semi-abstract wildlife painting, purple and orange painting, twilight sunset painting, independent British artist, English contemporary artists, Deer artist, deer painter, luminous abstract art, stunning abstract painting, realism vs abstract, magical realism by Gill Bustamante, ethereal-paintings, fairy-tale-paintings, fallow-deer-paintings, beautiful-landscape-paintings, paintings-of-deer, green-paintings, deer-in-forest-paintings, stag-in-a-forest, vibrant-coloured-paintings, magical-landscape-paintings, large-semi-abstract-oil-paintings
Delivery Details: 3 days
Price: £2,800.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Gill Bustamante
Phone: 07815036576
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal, bank account transfer arrangement:
Gill Bustamante

Artist Biography:

Gill Bustamante is a professional artist based in East Sussex who creates large semi-abstract landscape, seascape and wildlife paintings in oil on canvas. Her painting style is very distinct and often fuses art-nouveau, impressionist and semi-abstract techniques with traditional portraiture that reflect her love of nature, animals, birds and the flora and fauna of the landscapes around her. She loves the ancient landscapes of England and her paintings often reflect the magical elements that such landscapes have. Gill’s main working method has been the development of a painting style she terms ‘memory impressionism’. This method involves going walking somewhere, looking at and absorbing the things she sees and experiences, and then returning home to her studio to try and capture an echo or essence of the place from memory - including any wildlife she may have seen. By this method, she captures precise moments in times at different seasons and the feeling she has about them. Gill completed a fine art degree in Brighton in 1983 and has painted since she was three. In her own words: “Painting always makes me happy along with cake, bunnies, driving erratically, BBC 6 music and totally irreverent comedy”.

Artist News/Exhibitions:

I exhibit mostly in online galleries but visitors are always welcome to view artwork at my home studio in East Sussex - contact me to arrange.

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