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Polperro waiting for the tide

Title: Polperro waiting for the tide
Description: Polperro waiting for the tide 60 x 80x1.5 cm. A warm wind brings promise. Early morning sun reflects through the crisp, shiny waters. The trawlers wait, firmly anchored, their industrial limbs posed for action. Steel and wooden forms carefully crafted, lovingly cared for define an age of tradition. Oils on canvas, painted around sides, ready to hang. Free UK delivery by recognised courier. £475
Size: 60x80x1.5cm
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Oil
Genre: Seascape
Colour: Multi
Keywords: Seascape,harbour
Delivery Details: Free UK delivery by recognized courier
Price: £475.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Suzanne Ahmed
Phone: 7885669960
Acceptable Payment Methods: PAYPAL, CHEQUE
Suzanne Ahmed

Artist Biography:

Suzanne Ahmed
Painting is Suzanne’s passion. Working in series her work is inspired by places she has travelled to and lived, it enhances seeing things afresh. Her BA in philosophy lead to a questioning of perception, whilst BA and Masters in interior design influence structure, juxtaposition and use of perspectives and drive her work on installations. Her style is an expressive, emotive response to subject and use a rich palette of colour. Technique varies to suit each series
In this gallery you will see a selection of oils on canvas.
Iconic London Markets was inspired by “ Renato Guttuso,”La Vucciria” and her love to meander around markets that assault the senses. They celebrate diversity, colour and the chaotic yet ordered environment. Alterations of perspective are used to draw and engage the viewer into the space, the enormity of the building structures, the crowds and sumptuous produce.
Revisited are a narrative inspired memories and family history, harbours and seascapes from Polperro where her grandfather was born to a family of boat builders to Devon where she was born. Retracing the coast she embraces her passion for the sea, trawlers and sailing boats. She explores how the subject and its colour and shape and outline change under the influence of light, time and movement of the tide.

Cows and other animals form, apart from the landscape itself, an inherent part of rural Devon life. Cows in particular love to pose. She explores the animals´ colours and textures and tries to capture their gentle character and curiosity. Due to the limited field of view the viewer is directly confronted with the animals´ intense stare which leaves us questioning ourselves ´who is watching who?´.

Suzanne says “I like to gaze at everyday moments, the simple and familiar and feel the impact on my senses. It is an experience of being in the here and now because it can “touch us” .From here I begin to sketch and compose. For me space, form, colour and line are lyrical and poetic. The process includes chance, accidents and faith in what emerges.”

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