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Description: A Chinatown, a place where a vast majority of the people who live there are Asian (not always Chinese. China Town as a "Chinese enclave", is defined as "... any small, distinct area or [Chinese] group enclosed or isolated within a larger [Non-Chinese] group." The development of most Chinatowns typically starts with mass migration to an area having zero or very few Chinese. China Town Gate always appeared at China Town in every part of the world. China town gate called as A Paifang牌坊, also known as a pailou, is a traditional style of Chinese architectural arch or gateway structure that is related to the Indian Torana from which it is derived. Paifangs come in a number of forms. One form involves placing wooden pillars onto stone bases, which are bound together with wooden beams. This type of paifang is always beautifully decorated, with the pillars usually painted in red, the beams decorated with intricate designs and Chinese calligraphy, and the roof covered with coloured tiles, complete with mythical beasts—just like a Chinese palace. Another form of paifang is in the form of true archways made of stone or bricks; the walls may be painted, or decorated with coloured tiles; the top of the archways are decorated like their wooden counterparts. Yet another form of paifang, built mainly on religious and burial grounds, consists of plain white stone pillars and beams, with neither roof tiles nor any coloured decoration, but feature elaborate carvings created by master masons.
Size: 90CMX70CM
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Genre: Cityscapes, Contemporary, Fine, Urban/Graffiti Art
Colour: Blue, grey, orange, red
Keywords: China Town gate London painting, contemporary chinese art, contemporary british art, China town London
Delivery Details: Free delivery in London area. Further discussion on postage for other city or country.
Price: £600.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Deric Ch'ng
Phone: 07795483183
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal
Deric Ch'ng

Artist Biography:

Deric Ch'ng is a new emerging British artist. Originally from Malaysia, he exhibited his work there from the age of twenty,
most notably annually at the Penang State Art Gallery and the Pesta open art exhibition, Penang, from 1991-1998.
Deric moved to UK in 1998 and finds living in the U.K. an opportunity to explore British culture and the contrasting urban
and rural landscapes along with the unpredictability of the English weather. He hoped to be able to translate these
conditions into his work.
His earlier paintings have included architectural studies, landscapes and portraiture. Deric has sensitively documented
older and more modern facets of Chinese life.
Initially using watercolour as his preferred medium, he has developed from loose fluid images to photo realism. This
demonstrates his technical drawing abilities, adding texture and fine detail to his finished paintings.
As an immigrant, his work challenges boundaries in both the literal and figurative sense, giving the viewer a fresh take on
older perspectives.
During his architecture studies (2000-2006) in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire he exhibited widely including showing work at
the winter show at the Feren Art Gallery, Hull from 2000 to 2004.
In 2006, after graduation, Deric moved to London. Relocating to the capital awakened in his work something of the
freshness and playfulness of the tourist, enabling him to explore popular scenes in his own way and translate his
perspectives onto the canvas.
He has since developed a new modified photographic style, incorporating rich medium colours and layers of cut-out
pieces to form interesting and unique art works. His paintings include the London Eye, Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge,
Camden Town, China Town and many other familiar sights, but reimagined from a new, Eastern perspective.
It has always been Deric’s dream to have a solo exhibition. This, his first solo art show, includes eighteen of his new
Deric uses luxurious, earthy colours, featuring the passionate Red derived from his Chinese background. He says ‘the
Chinese people are always fascinated by red because it represents luck, auspiciousness, signifying reunion, health,
happiness, harmony, peace and prosperity.’
Deric’s style is challenging in combining something of the formality and rigour of Chinese culture and tradition alongside
his own trademark mischievousness; the quality of the streetwise scamp, with an impish laugh, is never too far from the
surface in Deric’s work, no matter how august the subject matter.
From his previous loose fluid images to his new photorealism Deric now works with a brand new photographic modified
technique. He believes that art is fashion, is mutable rather than fixed, and changes from time to time to reflect life’s experience.

Artist News/Exhibitions:

1991 Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery
1993 Penang Young Talent’s Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery
1994 Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition, Penang State Art Gallery
1995 3rd Young Artists Art Exhibition, Rainbow Art Gallery
Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition, State Art Gallery, Penang
Pesta Young Talent’s Exhibition 1995, State Art Gallery, Penang
Penang Pesta Open Art Exhibition 1995, State Art Gallery, Penang
1996 Penang Art Society Annual Exhibition, State Art Gallery, Penang
Pesta Young Talent’s Exhibition 1996, State Art Gallery, Penang
Penang Pesta Open Art Exhibition 1996, State Art Gallery, Penang
1997 4th Young Artists Art Exhibition, Rainbow Art Gallery
Penang Pesta Open Art Exhbition 1997, State Art Gallery, Penang
Pesta Young Talent’s Exhibition 1997, State Art Gallery, Penang
2000 Winter Show, Feren Art Gallery, Hull
2001 Winter Show, Feren Art Gallery, Hull
2002 Winter Show, Feren Art Gallery, Hull
2003 Winter Show, Feren Art Gallery, Hull
2004 Winter Show, Feren Art Gallery, Hull
2010 ‘London, The Visit’, Solo Exhibition at Red Gate Gallery, London
2011 Notting Hill May fest Art Exhibition, London
2011 Art House, Major community Exhibition, London Jewish cultural centre Ivy House
2011 ING discerning eye exhibition, Mall Galleries, London
2011 The Salon Art prize, Matt Roberts Arts, Gallery at Vyner st, London
2011 Gfest Wise thought, Dreams Pace Gallery, London
2011 New English Art Club, Mall Galleries, London
2013 Showcase cities on Jan, Rich Mix, London
2017 Talented Art Fair, Old Truman Brewery, London
1995 Consolation Prize
3rd Young Artists Art Exhibition

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