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Prise want edge points

Title: Prise want edge points
Description: Enhanced with standard vignette.
Size: A0
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Mounted
Medium: Acrylic
Genre: Abstract, Contemporary, Impressionist, Pop Art
Colour: Blue, green, grey, yellow
Keywords: Surreal automatism
Delivery Details: Courier
Price: £20,000.00
Status: Reserved
This artwork is Reserved. If you are interested in purchasing it or commissioning a similar work, please contact me

Artist Information

Name: Oliver Bebbington
Acceptable Payment Methods: PAYPAL ACCOUNT( )
Oliver Bebbington

Artist Biography:

Bebbingtons paintings explore ideas about attraction and some calls with physical disabilities the change therof .The paintings are acrylic the sizes effect change of style varying viewing angles even to ANAMORPHOSIS.more than likely from painting and decorating experience.The Burton upon Trent artist eroded smears of colour on mainly white canvas some over painted not motivated by concepts but out of emotive studio practice based on personality set physical limitations to liberated head. SURREAL AUTOMATISM ARTIST ABSTRACT.Burton upon Trent home studio.Surreal Automation abstract authentification.delivered by courier unless stated otherwise.Abstract yes and historical prominant figures have written this art is authentic and original ,compared,,,ALL ART ACTION.ALL SURREAL AUTOMATISM.
Footage on youtube shows my time action. smear palette knife work.Most artwork are large A0 size.Surreal Automatism redefined,touched charm running wonders ,to put it lightly.This art cannot be done by computer.value,deeper to comment or YouTube .medical tested illicit drug clear this millenium.T Total since 2014 about.

Surreal notion of the subconscious mind handing likeness to saudade.P&p ,postage included in price
Email for right size ,in cm unless stated "inches.whole Collection of art under £12000 discount of £500 .YES,£1000 artwork for £500.looking to clear out for new season and vision outlook.

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