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Title: Untitled
Description: An unusual depiction of a female nude with a dramatic lighting effect. The work is set in a contemporary dark mahogany effect tray frame measuring 68 cm x 48 cm x 35mm overall, strung ready for hanging. The painting is currently on display in an exhibition in Aix-en-Provence, France - though not for sale there) but can be reserved for delivery in early July. That said the current situation with the Covid 19 pandemic renders all expected dates a little out of control.Please contact me for further information.
Size: 60cmX40C
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framed
Medium: Oil
Genre: Impressionist, Semi-Abstract
Colour: Black, multi
Delivery Details:
Price: £240.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Trevor FERGUSON
Phone: 07884124586
Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal, cheque or bank transfer

Artist Biography:

Born and brought up in the north-east of England I have enjoyed a life crammed with many things which are often out of the reach of most people. Some of these things add to my desire for perfection in my art and a great appreciation of life itself and what we see around us..
Although I have always enjoyed drawing and painting I have come to art relatively late in life – being too busy at earlier stages. I have experienced a range of careers and activities from engineer to P.E & maths teacher to paratrooper. Always up for a challenge and having a hatred of heights led me to taking part in rock climbing and at one point joined the Parachute Regiment!
As an artist I am largely self-taught and I am passionate in making observations in order to produce works of a very realistic nature – where the viewer can sense a contact with the subject – feel an ability to reach out and touch an object or have a belief in being in a painted scene.
My aim is to give pleasure and happiness.

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