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Name: Samantha Redmill
Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal, Direct Bank Tranfer. Shipping outside of mainland U.K. is extra
samantha Redmill

Artist Biography:

Samantha creates beautiful artwork in Pastel, Oil, Ink and Pencil. Inspired by the world around us, her work conveys a sense of purpose, meaning & emotion.

The Artwork you will see displayed is a small taste of the breadth of Samantha’s work which you can see more fully on her website, including a mix of originals, limited edition and open prints for purchase.

Commissions are a particular passion for Samantha who loves to spend time creating just the right image from photographs or any other media that you share with her. Commissions normally attract an additional fee and can be tailored to your specific needs.

Artist News/Exhibitions:

Showing at the Southbank Art trail in Bristol in May

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