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Name: Oliver Bebbington
Acceptable Payment Methods: ,paypal.posted cheques email for address thankyou.
Oliver Bebbington

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Burton upon Trent home studio.ALL ART ACTION ALL me,
Footage on youtube shows my splish 'to some day snatch back'action smear palette knife work.Most artwork are large A0 size.Automatism redefined,touched adorering charm running wonders ,to put it lightly.three underlining parts make up pieces using one either triocascade ,blanksparse or pinaclesuspend .This art cannot be done by computer.value,deeper to comment or YouTube .medical tested illicit drug clear this millenium
gof tent ,tetea ee are blanksparse .rmb hf is but multi side
Surrealist,notion of the subconscious mind handing likeness give over saudade.

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