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Snowy woodland

Title: Snowy woodland
Description: Wintertime in the woods, with snow covered trees and ice covered lake. Simple oil on paper of a typical winter woodland scene, in blues and violets and white snow, with touches of silver sparkle highlighting areas. Artwork size is 6 x 4 inches and this work comes complete with cream mount and narrow wood frame, ready to hang.
Size: 8.5 x 6.5 inches
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framed
Medium: Oil
Genre: Contemporary, Impressionist, Landscape
Colour: Blue, purple, silver, white
Keywords: Snowy, winter, woods, water, trees, blue, sparkle, oil, snowy woodland, mounted and framed, art for sale,
Delivery Details:
Price: £40.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Jeannie Zelos
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal, personal cheque, direct bank transfer. uk mainland delivery included in price.
Jeannie Zelos

Artist Biography:

I didn't start to paint until in my 40's when I learned it wasn't that I couldn't paint - the issue was the rubbish materials we used at school. Nan's mantra was " you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear" and that's so true.
Soon as I began with quality materials I found far better results and became addicted to art. I use all media, alone or mixed, and cover a wide range of subjects. I only use top quality products sas I want my art to look as good in 200 years as it does today. That costs of course - you can buy cheap art or you can buy an IKEA print etc. for very little cost, but if you want lasting art ensure that the artist uses products with proven longevity.
Sadly I paint far less now due to health issues, but still love to dabble and to look at what others have been doing.

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