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Patience or Extinction (A4 Print of my Original Painting)

Title: Patience or Extinction (A4 Print of my Original Painting)
Description: This is an A4 print of my original Painting, it is printed with genuine canon inks on a canon flatbed printer. The poem will be printed on coloured card to compliment the Artwork. PATIENCE OR EXTINCTION? Home is where the heart is; don't see it as a prison; lockdown, sit tight, starve Corona to make things right. The Government are lifting restrictions but that could be suicide; if we're not all careful and vigilant, then we could all be destroyed! The virus is easily spread: just touch something contaminated, then absent minded, you rub your eye - it's a recipe to die! The virus is easily spread, get that into your head! Lets starve Covid 19 of human hosts- stay indoors - or we'll end up as ghosts! Millions of deaths globally and still counting, stay home - stop the death toll mounting! If we try and get back to normal too quick, it'll all get worse and more will get sick. The Government want non-essential workers to go ahead, but you can't spend your earnings when you're dead! Peoples lives are more important than the economy, if you agree, then follow me, lockdown for longer, prevent a second spike, it'll be better in the long run, Corona will take a hike! If we act like things are normal, mixing and demonstrating in crowds, we'll be in it for the long haul - that's if we're here at all! Corona will just love it - lots of human hosts to infect, but our lives we MUST protect! Millions of deaths have left loved ones grieving, the way some people carry on has got me seething; our lives are in each others hands, consideration is what this demands, the human race is on the brink, do YOU want to be extinct?
Size: A4
Format: Giclee print
Presentation: Unmounted
Medium: Giclee Print, Open Edition Print
Genre: Abstract, Contemporary, Impressionist, Semi-Abstract
Colour: Black, red, white, yellow
Keywords: Corona virus, covid 19, abstrtact print, A4 Print, Juliette Westbrook-Finch, Modern art print
Delivery Details: Includes UK Delivery.
Price: £29.99
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Juliette Westbrook-Finch
Phone: 07486417885
Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal or purchase on my website using credit or debit card, contact me for discounrt code if price is higher there
Juliette Westbrook-Finch

Artist Biography:

Im Juliette Westbrook- Finch, Artist & Poet and born in the 60's, child of the Universe. You can sign up for my monthly email newsletters on my website to receive Special Offers, News of New Art and any magazine articles I will be in Most of my paintings have a poem to accompany them which will be printed out on coloured card to compliment the painting and framed paintings have coloured backgrounds instead of the usual white or ivory , and in some cases where more than one colour would look good with the painting you can choose which you prefer by messaging me when you purchase. I paint using watercolors but not in the traditional way. I create texture So it looks like oil painting and /or I paint so that the paint is thicker and the colours are brighter and bolder although I sometimes paint in the traditional 'wishy washy' watercolour way! I use 300g Daler Rowney or Winsor & Newton 140lb Watercolour paper and professional quality paints (Windsor and Newton Pro -high pigment and st. Petersburg white Nights watercolor tubes which contain gum Arabic and honey, they go on smoothly and the pigments are the highest quality. I also use a medium Viscosity paint as well which has good transparency and tinting strength. My Paintings are either on 300g Watercolour Paper, Crescent Watercolour Boards or Frisk Canvas which are specially formulated for watercolour painting) If theres anything you like, I'm always open to reasonable offers :-)

Artist News/Exhibitions:

I was featured in "Inside Artists" Magazine on 1st Sept 2021. This was a big thrill & honour as it is distributed to hundreds of Art Galleries in the UK, Europe & the USA.

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