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Morocco home

Title: Morocco home
Description: Watercolour on A4 paper on 300gsm grade
Size: A4
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Unmounted
Medium: Watercolour
Genre: Cityscapes
Delivery Details: Royal mail first class tracked included in the price.
Price: £20.00
Status: Reserved
This artwork is Reserved. If you are interested in purchasing it or commissioning a similar work, please contact me

Artist Information

Name: Nadeem Mansoor
Phone: 07546061811
Acceptable Payment Methods: Bank Transfer or paypal
Nadeem Mansoor

Artist Biography:

My name is Nadeem Mansoor and welcome to my collection.

My best friend Mr. Terrence Storey lived next door from me and was a very famous oil painter for over 60 years.

Sadly Terry as I called him passed away late 2018 at the age of 96. He painted for the Queen Mother, Prince Charles and a Prince in Sudan just to name a few commissions he did.

Terry gave me many lessons in art and after my first lesson he said Nad you can certainly paint

He inspired me to get back into art as when I was at school in my youthful days I was pretty good however I did not pursue this at the time.

I mainly work using water colour, pencil and charcoal drawings.

I was really inspired by Terry to create artwork that people want and to offer an affordable price thus enjoying the artwork for years to come.

I am very passionate in art and I believe in helping the art market get a great name and at the same time improve my skills thus raising the bar in the standards of work.

Terry use to say to me Nad paint what you see not what you think.

Nad if you seen a man down the road, you have not seen a man down the road. What you really seen is just a smudge

A true example of this was about 30 years ago, Terry went to do a art lesson at Derby University for twelve art students. He did a simple exercise. He put a chair in the middle of the room and the chair had four legs. He put a drape over the chair which then covered two of the legs.

He asked the twelve students to then paint this and off he went for two hours. Terry was a big smoker and he only used to smoke with his pipe. After two hours and to his horror nine out of twelve students painted the chair with four legs. Terry told me many times this story and said after that art lesson he quit his part time art teacher job.

Any questions you may have please do not hesitate to ask.

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