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Dunes, Moons and Blooms

Title: Dunes, Moons and Blooms
Description: Dunes, Moons and Blooms Up in space, craters on the moon, parallel Universes, between the blooms, make a quantum wish and you'll be there soon. Flying in from the left, a UFO, or is it a flower that's overgrown? Plants like vegetables, imposters on the scene, things aren't always, what they seem, UFO's or flowers, in space/time hours? Exotic, erotic, blooms and dunes, dreams made here as morning looms; waves in the distance, salt in the air, happy and Joyful, without a care. This can be whatever you see, your imagination is the key! A3 size watercolour painting on Daler Rowney 300g watercolour paper (Frame will be included in the price as well as a printout of the poem which can be hung next to the painting if required.) Freepost for UK.
Size: 11.7x16.5
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framed
Medium: Watercolour
Genre: Abstract, Contemporary, Seascape, Semi-Abstract
Colour: Orange, purple, red, yellow
Keywords: Original, Waterolour, Birthdays, Wedding Gifts, Anniversaries, Presents, Juliette Westbrook-Finch, Contemporary, Modern Contemporary, surreal, abstract, semi abstract,sci-fi, space, beach
Delivery Details: Free UK Delivery
Price: £79.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Juliette Westbrook-Finch
Phone: 0748-641-7885
Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal / Cheque
Juliette Westbrook-Finch

Artist Biography:

Im Juliette Westbrook- Finch, Poet, Painter and born in the 60's, child of the Universe. Most of my paintings have a poem to accompany them. I can supply frames with paintings and poems if requested.I paint using watercolors but not in the traditional way. I create texture So it looks like oil painting and /or I paint so that the paint is thicker and the colours are brighter and bolder although I sometimes paint in the traditional 'wishy washy' watercolour way! I use 300g 140lb Watercolour paper and professional quality paints (Windsor and Newton Pro -high pigment and st. Petersburg white Nights watercolor tubes which contain gum Arabic and honey, they go on smoothly and the pigments are the highest quality. I also use a medium Viscosity paint as well which has good transparency and tinting strength.

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