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Description: White feathers can mean that either someone is near us, and for us to feel comforted, or it could be that the Angels are needing to remind us to take care of ourselves. Whatever your belief, it is all very 'Mystical and Magical'. Artwork is white, with a slight hint of streaks of grey to help enhance the white feathers. Comes complete with fixtures and fittings, and Certificate of Authenticity.
Size: 12x10
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Genre: Abstract, Mixed Media, Semi-Abstract, Surreal or Fantasy Art
Colour: Grey, white
Keywords: White Feathers Spiritual Angels Messages Loved ones Close
Delivery Details: Free UK posting
Price: £45.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Susan Harvey
Phone: 07788477843
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal. Online bank transfer.
Susan Harvey

Artist Biography:

Having spent the last few years as a Creative Arts Tutor for a post 16 Pupil Referral Unit (where I also studied for a Diploma in Art Therapy), I recently decided to work on producing my own art portfolio. While I specialise in Abstracts (which is created through my photography, inspiration of the world around me or music), I also enjoy a variety of art media.

I totally immerse myself in my paintings and I generally use brushes and palette knives. However, as I harmonise with the canvas; if I am feeling tactile and the art work requires it, I use whatever develops during the creative process). Where I paint on a canvas, I also incorporate the sides, so no framing is required.

All canvas artwork has a protective seal, comes complete with fixtures/fittings so will be ready to hang and a Certificate of Authenticity.

While I initial my work, on certain abstracts I sign the back so my clients can decide which way they would like to display the painting. However, at the client's request I will happily sign the front. All artwork has my full signature on the back.

My artwork is also advertised elsewhere.

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