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Black Cat & Yellow Butterfly

Title: Black Cat & Yellow Butterfly
Description: A black cat is depicted against a pitch black background by highlighting features, particularly the eyes. The yellow of the eyes is echoed in the yellow butterfly in the foreground at which the cat is intently staring. A blue / purple midfield set off the yellow to create a striking image. Acrylic on canvas with painted sides so there is no need to frame.
Size: 20cmx30cm
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Acrylic
Genre: Figurative, Flowers, Animal Portraits, Others
Colour: Black, purple, yellow
Keywords: Black Cat Yellow Butterfly Animal
Delivery Details: P&P 15 UK
Price: £100.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Tracey Marshall
Phone: 07387724936
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal
Tracey Marshall

Artist Biography:

A strong interest in fantasy art and illustration influenced all my early work. I still create fantasy artwork, often featuring woodlands using acrylic ink and watercolour as mediums.
Going to art college expanded my repertoire to working on canvas in acrylics depicting animals; especially horses for which I have had a lifelong love and landscaped in strong colours. The dramatic contrasts of shade and colour are the key features of these paintings.
I also carry out commissions for animal portraits, ( they can include the odd human too!) These are mainly of dogs, horses and cats and can include a background, ie landscape. They can either be done in acrylic ink, gouache and watercolour on heavy watercolour paper or in acrylics on canvas.

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