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Thames barge at Chelsea wharf

Title: Thames barge at Chelsea wharf
Description: A Thames barge is moored alongside a wharf at Chelsea in London, I took the photograph that I used for the painting in 1988, by then both the barge and the wharf had been outmoded for a long time, their purpose of use altered from being worked by occupation and commerce to becoming abodes to be lived in. Change didn't destroy them but it did destroy the ways of life they supported.
Size: 510x385
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framed
Medium: Pencil, Watercolour
Genre: Cityscapes, Fine
Colour: Multi
Keywords: London, Chelsea, watercolour, Thames barge, boat, Thames.
Delivery Details: Hermes parcel delivery service Goods dispatched within one working week.
Price: £500.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Martin Pollock
Phone: 07740026952
Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal
Martin Pollock

Artist Biography:

Originally from London and now living and working in the Kent countryside I feel fortunate to be surrounded by some very beutiful scenery and picturesque places such as the local villages with their ancient churches and buildings.
I am a self taught painter and have been painting since childhood and so been honing my talent since the late sixties up until now and still learning.
Over time I've become drawn to the sea and marine subjects to inspire my work, for example land/seascapes, rivers, boats, people and their equipment employed to work in the many different aspects of that environment. I use Oil, watercolour, acrylic and pencil mediums which help me gain the feeling I'm hoping to attain in my paintings, each of these mediums have their own unique quality to get the messages, stories and feeling over.

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