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Description: This painting demonstrates the powerful image of Lion King, ‘CHINA’. In here, Lion King represented the rising power of China, the pigeons behind symbolise the freedom in many ways. In clothing at least, Chinese people can today express themselves freely. People's control over their own lives has been enhanced in many other ways, as the government has reformed the economy and withdrawn from many areas of society. Citizens can now start their own businesses, buy their own homes and travel abroad freely. China’s transformation from an isolated, developing country into an economic juggernaut and emerging global actor is perhaps the most important power shift for twenty-first-century international politics. Its economy is now second largest in the world.
Size: 90CMX70CM
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Acrylic, Mixed Media
Genre: Cityscapes, Contemporary, Fine, Urban/Graffiti Art
Colour: Blue, brown, grey, orange
Keywords: Contemporary Chinese Art Contemporary Art London, Contemporary Chinese Painting
Delivery Details: Free delivery in London area. Further discussion on postage for other city or country.
Price: £300.00
Status: For Sale

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