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Title: Contemplation
Description: A digital artwork glossy print 40" X 30", excellent reproduction quality. A signed certificate of authenticity sent to you also. Framed £300, contact me, email :
Size: 40X30inch
Format: Limited edition print
Presentation: Unmounted
Medium: Digital Media, Limited Edition Print
Genre: Abstract, Contemporary
Colour: Black, brown, white
Keywords: Contemplation,buddah,meditate
Delivery Details: Rolled up in a postal tube, by courier.
Price: £150.00
Status: For Sale

Artist Information

Name: Andi Williams
Phone: 07522026107
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal
Andi Williams

Artist Biography:

I am a self taught artist, my artwork often comes from within. I use little photo reference these days to create and go with an idea that springs into my mind from visual experiences. I like a painting to evolve, sometimes it does not go to plan, but often that is not a bad thing because what you end up with is a work of art more beautiful than you first imagined. I also look out for colours in nature that go well together and memorise them, using them within my Art. My abstracts I really enjoy painting, I find them liberating, free and spontanious. I let loose on the canvas and balance the paintings well creating a symphony of colour, fluidity, vibrancy, harmony and movement. I am often looking for new ways of expressing myself and like a number of styles and medium. I enjoy photography and digital art designs, and am learning photoshop which is a fun discovery and learning process also. Art has always been a part of my life, it has enriched my life in a positive way. My artwork is in private collections around the world, America, Australia, Ireland, Spain, Italy and the UK. Postal charges are in with the price of the artwork for people in the UK, outside the UK postal charges will be higher, contact me via the contact form on here and if you are happy with the postal quote I will send you an extra paypal email charge for the amount. Hope you like my artwork and enjoy viewing this page, thanks Andi. If you have any questions regarding my artwork please email me at :- or or tel : 07522026107 . If you have problems buying my art with paypal, email me and I will send you a payment request, no problem. I have recently been creating stunning digital artworks on my IPAD and have found an excellent print site that reproduces my creations to a very high standard in a large glossy format 30" X 30" and 40" X 30" etc., so you can be assured of a quality reproduction.

Artist News/Exhibitions:

If you live in Yorkshire the artworks can be picked up in person, I will give you £10 towards petrol money. I am also open to offers on my original paintings, please get in touch, thanks.

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