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Carps in water

Title: Carps in water
Description: Carps in water painted in watercolour. Very vibrant painting that is suitable for all areas within your household.
Size: 390x490mm
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Mounted
Medium: Watercolour
Genre: Abstract, Contemporary, Wildlife Art
Colour: Blue, green, multi, orange
Keywords: Carp, water, watercolour, coloured, multi, contemporary, swimming, pond, lake, fresh, pastel
Delivery Details: Free UK delivery
Price: £0.00
Status: Sold
This work is now sold, however if you would like to commission a similar painting, please contact me

Artist Information

Name: Aiste Katasanoviene
Phone: 07783139802
Acceptable Payment Methods: Paypal and personal cheques
Aiste Katasanoviene

Artist Biography:

I had a great interest in art since my childhood. I have studied at art school and my paintings and drawings were displayed at several exhibitions abroad.
Later in life, I have gained an interior designer's degree and started my career as interior designer. From my work experience, I have learned that many homes are lacking the decorative art. The painting and drawings, I have created will enhance any interior and will create a beautiful display to pleasure your eyes.
If you are interested in my works, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am also available to carry out the commissioned works to suit your needs.

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