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Just accept it

Title: Just accept it

Just accept it

This is a large painting consisting over several layers of paint, acrylic and oil and oil pastels, partially impasto and constructed from recycled materials on a box frame. This piece which initially started off as message art with the words "just accept it" painted and re-painted in water colours over white emulsion and then gouache then acrylics onto to a dust sheet until all the fabric was saturated with a white background and the words once more washed out.

It was at this stage some 20 hours into the painting using water based media that I decided to turn the substrate into a full blown painting as the background was now capable of holding more layers of paint no longer being a fragile dust sheet.

I began to design the painting, inspired by Picasso, Cesar Manrique, Kandinsky, Klee and others with direct use of vibrant colours and forms usually expressed by 1950's abstract expressionist art and early Sixties fashion.

The painting took on both flow and conflict, distinct shapes with seemingly a distinct purpose and as it developed I changed the palette and media again using alkyd paints, oil paints and eventually oil pastels to complete this journey.

The abstract context reminded me in total of a psychedelic view upon a landscape, perhaps there are fish swimming in a sea beneath a mountain or something else that you or other may see.

It is what you want it to be and I, just accept it, a painting which took more than 100 hours and marks an unusual creation from recycled materials to a piece of established traditional form art.

I have invested my time, skill and sheer enjoyment of the process and hopefully you can appreciate it, like I do - now it is for genuine sale and I have reduced its price but not its value to attain this aim.

Because I am charged no commission to use this site, this is the most affordable you can purchase it direct from me, the painting is in Leeds in my possession and includes £40 UK mainland delivery.

Thank you


Size: 48x60inches
Format: Original artwork
Presentation: Framing not necessary
Medium: Oil, Oil Sticks
Genre: Abstract, Contemporary, Landscape, Skyscape
Colour: Multi
Keywords: Abstract, psychedelia, contemporary, modern, retro, landscape, skyscape, color, colour, vibrant, impact, statement, office, home, original, art, painting, large, 4ft,5ft, red, yellow, blue, swirl, flow, dream, exhibition, gallery, new, green, pink, mauve, purple, white, brown, sky, land, sea, waves,
Delivery Details: UK mainland £40 Others/Worldwide £345
Price: £0.00
Status: Sold
This work is now sold, however if you would like to commission a similar painting, please contact me

Artist Information

Name: Tony Broadbent
Acceptable Payment Methods: PayPal for all cards, international sales only to verified Seller eligible account holders. Shipping outside of mainland U.K. is extra.
Tony Broadbent

Artist Biography:

Hi and welcome to my quirky, funky sometimes psychedelic, abstract art, inspired by many themes and famous artists.

I am now able to sell you Framed art prints, posters, canvas art, leggings, pencils skirts, scarves and all manner of gifts, apparel direct from the Manufacturer using my original artwork and imagery, sometimes enhanced digitally. So for new products of my affordable british art drawn, painted and designed for an instant reaction, work to display, enjoy, use and even wear in all manner of ways.

and, of course original oil paintings!

Latest Feedback -
... Dear Tony, the painting we purchased today at The Fishes is already hanging on the wall. It fits so nicely in the room and we absolutely love it. We also checked other paintings on your website and they are really beautiful. I especially love Abstract horizon. Thank you so much, I hope you made a few more sales today. Very best wishes, Tamara ...
Hi Tony, sorry for the late reply - the art arrived just before i was off on my hens weekend so didn't get the chance to thank you personally. We LOVE it - it's up on our wall and is perfect for our kitchen. Patrick loves it too and we both wanted to thank you for the extra's that made putting it up so much easier. Thanks again from two very happy customers. When we have our room finished i'll send a full shot so you can see it as we've deliberately ordered soft furnishings to match your art :)
Beth & Patrick May 2017

Artist News/Exhibitions:


Custom-made box or flat frame styles High-quality timber frame finishes to suit your decor Premium Perspex - clearer and lighter than glass Exhibition quality box or flat frame styles

Contact me with your interest and I will direct you to the Manufacturer s site where you can see your chosen options displayed online prior to purchase.

You will deal directly with the Manufacturer thereby saving costs on handling and Shipping.

AND some other original work is still for sale here you can contact me about that too or just order it, if you please.

Thank you.

Framed prints.

Tony Broadbent


24-01-2019 Update....N.B. ## unfortunately I have discovered that we have had a water seepage at my storage premises and some paintings have been affected by water marks and in some cases mold, therefore I cannot in all honesty sell them in this condition...those that may be affected will be marked as "reserved" until I get chance to see what is salvagable or not. Sorry - any sales will be fully re-imbursed. ##

So, My wife died of Cancer which knocked me for a six, we were together 32 years and a bit. Friends have been brilliant and let me deal with it my way. Art suffered, Covid did not help but I prefer isolation anyway and no fuss, not a cold fish just the opposite which can be overwhelming. They say time heals, it does not but clears the confusion on how to proceed, I contemplated doing Saacthi's mate thing and burning the lot, did not need too has most have suffered water ingress and are not saleable. However I am extremely prolific and conservatively have more than enough to fill house bedrooms,., garages, statics, sheds and a van. I'm in the slow process of destroying an extrenal shed Studio some 20 x 10 foot at the top of the garden - it will be gone in summer.

My new Studio is my old static caravan which I have gutted to provide space - costs the same each year as commercial storage so it will be used.

I have new hope, I have experience, we all know what happened in 2008 and what is threatened now, painting by candle may become a new thing.

Sorry if I've been too quiet and inactive on social media etc - not my usual ebullient., optimistic, slightly annoying self.
The love of art since childhood is still an anchor for me. Watch this space. Love Tony

P.S. wish me luck with my planned Brain Operation in May so that I can eventually get my Hip operation which was cancelled in February done, fingers crossed this year, give me some time I will start exhibiting again.

p.p.s Seen some old style work of mine you would fancy having new - just email me and let us see if we can work something out - back to work again, at last. TB

Brain Op done in June - still alive.
Hip Op planned for October, we'll see'
'Female of the species' 8 paintings reduced to £125 each from £155. Multiple purchases eligible for combined shipping at cost.

Dark Satanic Mills now £145

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